Google folder with some of my presentations

Overview of Capability Driven Development (CDD), Jan 11, 2019 (slides in PDF), more about CDD is here

Keynote at EMISA 2018 on participatory modelling and facilitation (slides in PDF)


Experiences from the CaaS project (in PPT format) at Information meeting on ICT research and innovation support from Horizon 2020, January 28, 2016

CaaS project presentation at Industrial Day in Valencia, paper presentation at PoEM 2015, November 10-12, Valencia, Spain

Keynote at PoEM 2015 together with Anne Persson on facilitation and management of EM projects, slides in PDF

Keynote on facilitation at MREBA’15, Stockholm, Sweden,  slides in PDF

Keynote on Capability Driven Development at EEWC’15, Prague, Czech Republic, slides in PDF